We are looking for Keynote Listeners!

We’re excited for all the wonderful keynote speakers, panelists and experts at this year’s 8thInternational Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility in Cologne from November 14-16. There will be so many ideas and insights shared during the sessions, and we cannot wait to hear it all! To make the most of our program, enrich on-going debates and enable more lasting take-aways from the conference, we’re looking forward to having keynote listeners contributing to the event.

A Keynote Listener is one who actively listens, analyses, critically reflects and presents key takeaways during and after the conference. Keynote Listeners will report their findings and reflections in the wrap-up session and/or on the conference blog. Our goal with this is to add another dimension to the insights and expertise shared at the event and encourage a wider variety of participants to openly reflect on ideas and to embed conference contributions within the context of their own field and areas of work. With your contribution as a keynote listener, a multiplicity of views, connections and reflections can be generated, leading to more valuable and sharable conference outputs, which can contribute and enhance on-going debates beyond the conference.

To apply to a keynote listener position, please provide a short list of three preferences of keynotes, panels or workshops that you’d like to be a keynote listener for and how they relate to your background and professional experience.

Please send it to Silvia Damme:
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you might have.