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GoldenBee CSR Consulting,  founded in 2003, is one of the first professional organizations to embrace social responsibility and sustainable development in China.

Golden Bee strives to develop a close partnership with sustainability-oriented enterprises and organizations, serving them as a high-end think tank.


Stadt Köln

Stadt Köln

The City of Cologne is working on an integrated approach towards climate protection. The Coordination Unit for Climate Protection manages the climate protection process citywide. The initiative ‚SmartCity Cologne’ was founded to encourage innovation by fostering cooperation between local players and activities concerning climate protection, energy efficiency and the turnaround in energy policy.

In the past, the city has already taken into consideration not to invest in unethical or un-ecological financial assets. It is planned to go on with divestment, offering new possibilities for green investment.


IHK Köln

IHK Köln

Founded in 1797, the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the oldest chambers in Germany. Its region – the third largest industrial region in Germany in terms of economic power – includes the cities of Cologne and Leverkusen, plus the Rhein-Erft, Rheinisch-Bergisch and Oberbergisch districts. About 150.000 companies are members of the chamber.



GLS Bank

Founded in 1974 GLS Bank eG ist the first social and environmental financial instituion worldwide. We use capital as a means to shape society and the environment. When we are successful, economic returns are the logical consequence rather than the imperative of our work. Money is for the people!


Club of Rome ERC

The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome – European Research Center is committed to a sustainable future. On the one hand, the Club of Rome places its focus on the relationship between man and nature, which requires a new foundation in the Anthropocene to tackle challenges such as global warming. On the other hand, another focus of the Club of Rome is the investigation of the consequences of digitization on individuals and the society.




As the partner airline for our conferences, Emirates can assist with your flight booking and offers special fares for conference participants. Book your flights on www.emirates.com and enter the promotion code you receive with your conference ticket. Travel validity 7th-21stNovember 2018.



Japan Forum of Business and Society (JFBS)

Japan Forum of Business and Society (JFBS) is an academic association which conducts academic research/discussion on the relationship between business and society focusing on global trends with encouraging cooperative relationship among academia, industry, government, labor, and NPO/NGO.



WEISS Institute

The Business Ethics Institute WEISS GmbH is an independent organization that develops ethical values and standards for business as well as “values based design thinking” with international ethics and economics professors and implements them in practice. The development of a professional framework for ethical and sustainable action in business is the primary goal of WEISS. The focus is on the education, consulting and training of managers in order to support them in the future-oriented direction of their business activities with practice-oriented ethical management tools.




The mission of Heldenrat GmbH is to build bridges between business and the social sector on the basis of cooperation and knowledge transfer. As a for-profit enterprise of the non-profit Heldenrat – Beratung für soziale Bewegungen e.V., our profits support the strengthening of social projects. Heldenrat GmbH is Germany’s first organisational consultancy to be established as a social business.




CupCycle is a service company that is specialised in developing and establishing individual reusable-cup-systems. The solutions, which are meant for hot and cold beverages to go, are supported by custom-built reverse vending machines and appropriate cleaning- and logistics-concepts. Based on this innovative approach CupCycle enables a systematic waste prevention in industries, leisure facilities and local communities.




The “German Network of Business Ethics“, EBEN Germany e.V. (Deutsche Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik – DNWE) was founded in 1993 in Bad Homburg, Germany, as a non-profit organization. Today the organization consists of more than 600 members from business, academia, politics, and church. Their activities include the facilitation of networking between stakeholders and those interested in business and corporate ethics. DNWE is considered an intermediary between academia and practice with the purpose of facilitating a dialogue to tackle major social and economic challenges and to reconsider values and business ethics.




The Institute for Management Education & Culture (IMEC) is a modern management institute and provider of innovative concepts to increase performance of young professionals, executives and companies. In close collaboration with renowned universities, business schools and international partners the institute participates in research and development of following areas: Corporate Performance, Intercultural Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Personal Coaching and Leadership.

With long-standing expertise, field-tested know-how and innovative approaches the IMEC regards itself as sparring partner, campaigner and driving creative force for its clients. Core fields are the systematic professional and personal development of executives and young professionals as well as the systematic performance enhancement of companies. – Learn more about our unique programs such as the IMEC Business trips, the IMEC APM (Advanced Performance Management) study program and the IMEC Young Professionals Program or the IMEC Coaching- & Consulting offer.



The CSR Dialogue Forum

The CSR Dialogue Forum is a non-profit organization that is operating worldwide, has network partners in more than 60 countries and serves as a pool of experts in the field of sustainability. In 2008, the CSR Dialogue Forum was founded, as a result of a project that was supported by the European Union, the Austrian Economic Chamber and respACT (“responsible action involving respect”). It was established as a strategic and open alliance by private initiators particularly aware of the significance of CSR and sustainability. The objective is to promote the economic concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and to integrate it into daily business of organizations. SInce 2015, the CSR Dialogue Forum is accredited at the United Nations.




M3TRIX is a consultancy with a focus on change management towards sustainable management within companies. With a holistic approach, they consult organizations along their transformation process to becoming a sustainable company. M3TRIX uses state-of-the-art innovation from current research to develop and scale pioneering approaches in a practical setting. Thus pairing academic excellence with future-oriented management know-how.



The Sustainability Code

The Sustainability Code is a benchmark for sustainability management, which was developed in Germany by initiative of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). The service of the Code database is available to companies on the website www.sustainabilitycode.org in German and English.

The Council established the (German) Sustainability Code as an instrument to manage and report corporate sustainability. With its update of the Sustainability Code in 2014, RNE reinforced its aim of advancing the idea of sustainability and of making companies’ sustainability performance transparent and comparable. In the process, the Sustainability Code provides the opportunity for dynamic standard setting by the companies themselves when they make applied and ambitious sustainability management their benchmark.


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Kölner Zoo

Impressive gorillas and rare tree-kangaroos: Start your personal tour through the jungle in the rain forest building. Discover an African river landscape in the middle of Cologne in the Hippodom. Encounter over 20 primate species in our ape buildings. In our large aquarium, you can dive into a fascinating underwater world. The terrarium and insectarium will whisk you away to exotic animal worlds.




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Sistema Fiep

The Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná – Fiep – is a complete structure that offers programs, products and services guided towards the benefit of workers, managers, businesses and communities. Fiep is the biggest representative entity of the industrial category, and incorporates more than one hundred affiliated unions, which represent more than 42 thousand industries. The Fiep System is comprised by four houses: Fiep, Sesi, Senai and IEL. As Fiep acts as a political and institutional wing of the industry, promoting the development of the sector and offering services to strengthen the companies.

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