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General Info

If you have any inquiries please contact us at: info@international-csr.org


The two main conference venues for the 5thRMER Conference and the 8th ICSR Conference will be the CBS & Flora Cologne:

CBS International Business School | CBS is one of the leading private universities of applied sciences in Germany. It is also well-known for its international focus, in addition to its high academic standards.

Flora Cologne | A five-star event location, the Flora in Cologne is well-known for its extensive botanical garden complex. The venue is mainly used for national and international conferences, concerts and social events.

About Cologne 

The conference takes place in Cologne, an ancient Roman city which is located on the banks of Rhine river. It is the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and 4th largest city in Germany with more than 1 million inhabitants.

Cologne is known as one of the most liberal cities, with a special vibe and atmosphere among the people, open-minded, tolerant, and welcoming to foreigners. The city offers endless attractions, most prominently, its famous cathedral whose twin spires dominate the skyline. The city’s museum landscape is especially vibrant when it comes to art, but also has something for fans of chocolate, sports, and even Roman history.

Its people are well known for their liberalism and ‘joie de vivre’, and it’s easy to have a good time with them in the Brauhaus (beer halls) in Altstadt (old town) or during Carnival.

Find out more about Cologne in our exclusive Cologne City Guide.

Monday, Nov 12th 2018
CBS International Business School, Hardefuststraße 1, 50677 Cologne, Germany

Tuesday – Thursday, Nov 13th – Nov 15th 2018
Flora Cologne, Am Botanischen Garten 1a, 50735 Cologne, Germany

Friday, Nov 16th 2018
CBS International Business School, Hardefuststraße 1, 50677 Cologne, Germany

Floor Plan Overview for Flora Cologne, here.

To help you find our venues we have made a Cologne City Map Guide.

Travel & Accomodation

November is high season in Cologne and there are multiple events happening throughout the month. We therefore highly recommend pre-booking your flight and hotel as soon as possible.

  • Accommodation: Be aware that Cologne is very busy this time of year. If you want to stay in the city center we recommend booking as soon as possible. All discounted rooms organized by the conference team have already been fully booked.
    A list of hotels in Cologne can be downloaded HERE
  • Travel: As the partner airline for our conferences, Emirates can assist with your flight booking and offers special fares for conference participants. Book your flights on www.emirates.com and enter the promotion code you receive with your conference ticket. Travel validity 7th-21stNovember 2018.
    Destination for domestic and European flights: Cologne Bonn Airport
    Destination for international flights: Düsseldorf International Airport (30 minutes from Cologne) or Frankfurt International Airport (1 hour by ICE train from Cologne)
  • Visa: Please visit the German Federal Foreign Office website for general information about the requirements for applying for a visa and the application process. More detailed information about the Visa application can be found on the website of the German Embassy of each respective country. We are happy to prepare invitation letters for participants. They can be requested after the ticket was purchased.
  • Cologne City Map Guide: please see here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join the conference community as a sponsor and engage in one of the world’s premier international forums on CSR. There are two commitment levels: Sponsor or Co-Organizer.

Please contact Patrick Bungard if you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Scholarship Option

Please note that the deadline for scholarship applications has ended.

Young Leaders

We want to enable young leaders from around the world to participate and engage in the 8th ICSR conference and the 5th RMER conference. You can apply for a scholarship by sending us your best leadership story or explaining to us why you are one of the world’s “young leaders”. Your scholarship includes the conference tickets and accomodation in Cologne.

Your email should include your story in 600 words, your CV and your picture. The application deadline is September 28th, 2018. Applicants must be under 30 years of age. Please, send your application to Anna Toennessen.

Non-Profit Organizations

We think that NGOs can provide meaningful input to our conference. Therefore, we want those NGOs, that truly want to make a change during the conference, to have free access. In your application, please tell us about your greatest success story. Furthermore, please indicate your ideas on what you could bring to the conference or how you would contribute to a meaningful discourse.

Your application email should include a 600-word motivation letter and your logo. The application deadline is September 14th, 2018. Please, send your application to Anna Toennessen.

If you’re looking for opportunities to invest in some of the world’s young leaders please contact Patrick Bungard

Excursions 16th November

We will offer a variety of excursions for interested participants on Friday, November 16th. You will be able to sign-up for your preferred tours at the conference venue Wednesday and Thursday. See here.


    1. When will the conferences take place?
      The 8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility will take place from the 14th – 16th November 2018. To view the conference programs, see here.
      The 5th Responsible Management Education Research Conference will take place from the 12th – 13th November 2018. To view the conference programs, see here.
    2. Where will the conferences take place? And where can I find the Programs of the Conferences?
      You can find the information on the locations here. Please also review the respective programs, to find more details on the locations. You can find the program for the International CSR Conference here, and the RME Conference here.
    3. How can I register? What are the registration rates?
      You can find the information on tickets, deadlines and rates: here and here.
    4. How can I get to Cologne?
      Please find the information on traveling here.
    5. What do I need to get into the country?
      Please ensure you have an up-to-date passport before booking travel and are aware of any visa requirements which may be in operation for nationals of your country. You can find additional information here.
    6. How can I reserve a hotel room?
      Please find the information on accommodation here.
    7. How do I get to the conference venues?
      Please find the information here in the Cologne City Guide under “venues”. The Cologne City Guide will give you information on sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife, carnival and tips to get around in Cologne
    8. How can I become a sponsor or Co-Organizer of the event?
      Please find all information on Sponsorship Opportunities here.
    9. Where can I find information regarding the scholarship options?
      Unfortunately, the deadline for scholarship applications is over.
    10. Whom can I contact if my question is not listed here?
      Please contact info@international-csr.org for more information.